The team at Solargy Innovation is passionate about making the world a better place. Climate change is advancing at an ever increasing pace, exceeding even some of the most pessimistic forecasts. Drastic changes call for drastic measures.

Two of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gasses can be traced to energy generation and building and construction. Whilst huge global efforts are going into remediation of both the energy and construction sectors the reality is that those efforts are proving insufficient.

Solargy’s intensive R&D over the past two decades has identified the following two key areas of innovation that promise to make a real difference:

Low Carbon Building Materials

Traditional building techniques have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Steel, bricks, mortar, concrete, and glass all contain huge amounts of embedded carbon. Embedded carbon is a measure of the carbon emissions required to produce and install the materials as part of the finished project.

However, significant technological advances have been made in recent years in both engineering and materials design. These advances have the potential to revolutionize the building and construction industry. However, they have yet to be adopted by industry, typically due to lengthy approval processes and regulatory controls.

Solargy isn’t waiting for these changes. We are pushing ahead with the design and testing of new high-performance, affordable and low-carbon materials.

We are also trialing new construction techniques with a keen focus on reducing emissions, waste and building lead times.

Next Generation Energy Storage

Lithium batteries are currently considered to be one of the most cost effective forms of both short and long duration energy storage. However the production of Lithium batteries requires significant expenditure of energy and huge amounts of precious raw materials. Further, Lithium batteries have a limited lifespan after which expensive recycling processes are required.

Thus, Solargy is designing and testing new types of energy storage systems that don’t rely on expensive raw materials and which have a virtually unlimited lifespan.

Unlike existing energy storage systems that rely on batteries, Solargy’s energy storage system doesn’t require additional electronics or control systems, allowing them to be connected directly to existing solar panel arrays.

Innovating for global sustainability..

Low Carbon Building Materials

Solargy Innovation is researching, designing and testing innovative building materials to address the global housing shortage whilst reducing the building industry’s impact on Climate Change.

Graphene sheet
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Next Generation Energy Storage

Solargy Innovation is also developing advanced Graphene materials for use in a new class of high voltage Super Capacitors that can replace resource intensive Lithium batteries and many other forms of long duration energy storage.

Some of the many advantages of Solargy’s new Super Capacitor technology are the high capacity, compact form factor, rapid charge and discharge rates, low cost, simple construction, exceptionally long life, excellent safety and small Carbon footprint.