Climate Change is certainly one of the biggest global issues facing us today. It certainly hasn’t landed on our doorstep without giving us adequate warnings. Some underlying reasons we’ve collectively failed to act before now include self-interest, inappropriate financial incentives and simple ignorance or disbelief.

Regardless of the reasons for the lack of progress the team at Solargy Innovation are determined to make the changes required to ensure the world addresses both Sustainability and Resilience.

Sustainability involves re-imagining existing processes and procedures that don’t involve “closed loops”. A Closed Loop is a way of doing things that ensures all the inputs and raw materials going into processes and procedures can be fully recovered and reused with minimal expenditure of energy so the cycle can be repeated over and over, without depletion of the key inputs.

Resilience is primarily about doing things differently so that the products of our efforts are more resistant to fire, floods, droughts, cyclones and anything else that threatens our existence.


Solargy’s R&D focus on new energy storage solutions primarily addresses the Sustainability criteria by helping ensure we stop burning fossil fuels as soon as possible.

To succeed with this goal the solution must be simple, affordable and practical.

Solargy’s exclusive SuperCap technology meets and exceeds all these requirements.


Whilst Sustainability is primarily focused on eliminating waste, Resilience is more focused on devising new solutions to old problems that are better able to resist the changes we’re experiencing in our world.

For example, dome shaped building are well known to have high resistance to the very destructive forces of hurricanes and cyclones. Yet many at-risk communities continue to build traditional box-frame structures. Thus, a simple change in building design can save communities from significant future property losses and risk to human life.